Why I Shoot on the Street

A post from HONY (https://www.facebook.com/humansofnewyork) appeared on my Facebook timeline, today (May 6, 2014)– as it does several times each day. Sometimes I just look at the photos, sometimes I read a few of the comments, sometimes I get pissed at the comments, and sometimes the image and/or comments make my eyes moist. Today, I learned something — it was a word: Sonder. Beyond that, it was a sentiment. More importantly, it was the reason why I shoot on the streets — taking photos of people I might never know, but still trying to tell a small part of their story, and by extension, the story of all of us.



Searching for a little more on the word, I found the following, beautifully edited and narrated video, created by John Koenig. (https://vimeo.com/user7278324)

Sonder from Workhouse Creative on Vimeo.

n. the realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own—populated with their own ambitions, friends, routines, worries and inherited craziness—an epic story that continues invisibly around you … (http://www.dictionaryofobscuresorrows.com/post/23536922667/sonder)

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