Who Is Mandy Rosen?

Many of you know that I live in Huntington Beach, CA, USA.  Well, actually, all of you know it, now!  The Huntington Beach art scene may not be as famous as it’s neighbor to the south, Laguna Beach, but it does have a city owned art center, and a monthly art walk, as well as the opportunity for artists to display their work at sidewalk booths during the weekly Surf City Nights (Tuesdays) and the slightly less frequent artist’s booths at the Pier Plaza.  Today being Friday, I took a stroll among the white tented booths on my way to walk out on the pier.

There are several photographers who exhibit along with painters, clothing, and jewelry designers, etc.  Most of the photographers display beautiful images of the area, including the iconic sunset over the pier photos that we are so lucky to get, this time of year.  A few weeks ago, I stopped at Mandy Rosen’s  booth because it was different.  She was there, again, today.  Who Is Mandy Rosen?  To say that she is a photographer is only part of the story.  Certainly, her art begins in her camera.  Well, no, that isn’t true.  Like most good photographers (and other artists), her art begins in her head, with a vision.  The execution begins in her camera.  In the old days, the next step was in the darkroom.  In today’s world, most photographers make some final adjustments in a digital darkroom.  For Mandy, the digital darkroom is the essence of her art.  The initial image is captured in her camera, but the final result is made in the computer.  Photos are captured in a fraction of a second.  Images are made in a fraction of a day or more.  You see, Mandy’s end result is a composite of multiple photographs, manipulated and combined, to create the final piece.

Mandy Rosen at Her Booth - Pier Plaza, Huntington Baach

Mandy Rosen at Her Booth – Pier Plaza, Huntington Beach

While Manday has traveled extensively, in pursuit of her studies of art, Huntington Beach is home.  Articles about her have appeared in local and international periodicals and websites.  You can learn more, and see some of her work on her website at:  www.mandyrosenphotography.com   Or, you can stop by, meet Mandy, and buy a unique photo for your home or office.

“I don’t take photos, I make photos! It’s a new style of photography that’s very creative, surreal, and artistic.” — Mandy Rosen


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