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Paul Edward Robison

On July 16, 2016, my Facebook page will be deactivated.  Many people have asked why.  I just need to get some time back, and desperately want to avoid all the negative posts that show up in my feed, each day. Related to the first issue, social media is like a Snickers for me — if I have it, I eat it. Regarding issue two, I have always had an interest in politics (poli. sci. major) and current events.

Both are possible character flaws 🙂 I and have made the decision to free up some time and reduce my blood pressure. After the US elections, I will reevaluate the situation, and make a further decision about this. As I have been winding down my social media presence, I have notice some withdrawal symptoms, and I do miss a lot of interactions. I am an admin of two photography related Facebook groups, and will miss many, almost daily, conversations with photographer from around the world.

An effective way to maintain all of those relationships eludes me, but do have two partial solutions. When I retired from running a photography business, in March, 2013, I switched my photography focus (yes, it’s a pun)  🙂  from paying clients to street photography. In March of 2014, I began a blog (the one you are now reading) called I post photos and some stories, mostly about whatever passes before my camera and draws my attention. I the first nine months (2014), I was fortunate to host over 2,100 views of that blog. In 2015, views increased to more than 7,800, and from January, 2016 to today (July 11, 2016) I have seen 12,257 viewers. Now, while I am happy to have been able to reach so many viewers, that is not really a high number, compared to some commercial blog, but I am pleased to connect with so many new friends, old friends, classmates, and family. The satisfying thing, for me, is that most of those views come from repeat visitors, and I have come to know many of you, both on Facebook, and personally.

I have always been a teacher, at heart. Recently, I started a second blog:, which features articles regarding tips, tricks, and lessons, intended to improve the viewer’s photography skills. It is targeted at beginning and intermediate photographers, but often has tidbits that pros can also use.

Both blogs will continue and readers are invited to subscribe to one or both. The street photos gallery will evolve to include more personal images, including grandkids, but will also present what I see on the streets.

While these blogs are not perfect replacements for Facebook, in that they are a bit one-way, visitors are able to post comments, on the Street Photos Gallery and there is a Contact Form, on each. Anyone who wants my email or phone number can use one of those forms to ask for it. I encourage you to do that, especially if you are in, or plan to visit Southern California.

If you are interested in the photography articles, here is a list of what I have published, so far. A few have video (talking head of me reading the articles) and some audio tracks — again, me reading — because people learn in different ways.

Again, I invite you to subscribe.  The subscribe boxes are in the sidebar, on a desktop, but you may have to scroll down, a little, if you are viewing on a mobile device.   You will then get an email notice when new articles are published.  I won’t send spam, share your email address, nor try to sell you anything.  🙂

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Happy to have you, Rob.

Rob Hubicek

I look forward to future information as I look to sharpen my photography skills

Joe — Let’s plan lunch, next Thursday (21st).

Keep me posted my friend!