The Power of the Surf

With these two photos, I hope to show some of the power of the surf. They were captured, about noon, today, in Huntington Beach, CA, USA. Yes, I know: Noon is not the best time to take these types of photos, and I paid for it in post-processing time, trying to salvage some of the blown highlights in the with water.

In this image, it was import to save the surfer’s reflection, while capturing the water’s power, both above and behind him.

Huntington Beach

North Side of the Pier

In the second image, we have a bit more of a ‘rule of thirds’ composition and show the surfer entering into the frame. Again, there was a challenge to save the highlights. Both images were captured with an Olympus OMD-EM5, 12-40mm M. Zuiko Pro lens at 40mm, f2.8, ISO 200, and 1/3200 sec using aperture priority mode and S-AF. Post manipulation was via Lightroom CC, Tone Curve/Contrast adjust and Clarity slider, as well as Highlights and Shadows sliders. Minor cropping.

Huntington Beach

Surfing in Huntington Beach

If I were doing it again, I would have probably shot at f8 for a sharper image, but my natural inclination is to shoot wide open — a character flaw, no doubt. 🙂

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