Europe Trip

Tentative Route from Paris to Lisbon

Tentative Route from Paris to Lisbon

Leaving on a jet plane — September 13th, from Los Angeles to Paris.

I’ll blog, as much as I can, during my trip to Europe — no firm itinerary, as yet — except for arriving in Paris, on September 14 and going to Bilbao, Basque Country, Spain, on the 18th.

My backpack and a fold up daypack are weighing in at almost 40 pounds, right now. I’ll be doing some culling to get the whole thing closer to 20 lbs. I can always take out some clothes, and just do laundry more frequently, but the camera, MacBook Air, and the cables and chargers are part of the problem.

At one point, I was thinking of walking the Camino de Santiago, from France, across Northern Spain — about 500 miles. Quickly, I decided that I hadn’t started training, soon enough, for that much of a hike, especially through the mountains, but as I learned about the area, I became enthralled by the Basque Country, so I want to see it, even if by bus.

Part of my interest in the Basque Country is that my former father-in-law’s parents immigrated from the Basque Country to Ecuador, so my daughter, and one of my sons, and their children have a sprinkling of Basque blood.

This is a backpacking venture, and I will be staying, mostly, in hostels. I’ll share the details, right here, on my blog, as well as on Facebook. You can subscribe, in the footer of this post, and get an email notification whenever I publish a new post. It will be just like you are there, with me, except you won’t have to carry anything! 🙂

As always, I am looking to connect with others, along the way — especially if you appreciate visual, or other creative arts. If you are a photographer (especially Olympus OMD users), a painter, sketch artist, musician, model, stylist — or if you just enjoy coffee, conversation, and people watching, please contact me if you notice that I will be in your area. Use the Contact Form here on the blog, or PM me on Facebook.

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Rick Rubis

Paul, Your trip sounds exciting, I hope all goes well for you. I hitchhiked and used trains to go from Germany to Oslo, it was an interesting trip. I was stationed in Germany and got to travel all over Europe, even Russia. I have alot of good memories. Best of Luck. Rick