OMD Worldwide Shooters Map Input Form

This is NOT the form for the Olympus Photo Sharing Group! If you are looking for that form, go here.

1. Please input your name as it appears in the group. This is so if we have to contact you, we know who you are.

2. Enter your information only once. If you need to make a change, PM me (Paul Edward Robison), within the group.

3. While your information is automatically entered into our spreadsheet, as soon as you submit it, the actual map has to be regenerated, manually, each time a change/addition is made. I do that as often as possible, when I am at the computer.

4. Please do not leave any blank fields when you complete the form, or the application will not be able to generate a map. Put a name or number, as appropriate, and not symbols like dashes – _, etc.

Scroll down to see all questions and the Submit button.

To reiterate: Please do not enter your data more than once. It might not immediately show on the map, because I have to manually regenerate the map each time there are additions to it. That may be nearly immediate, if I am at the computer, or it may take a few hours, if I am out, or sleeping. I am -9 Hours GMT, so early morning in Europe is about midnight in Southern California. I will update as often as I can, and you will have to refresh the map page to see updates.

The map is a work in progress. We are using a free application, and it is not always perfect. If you have any questions, please feel free to PM me.

Thank you.



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