Kiva Loan to Kareem in the Gaza Strip

Kareem - Kiva Loan


I have, previously, posted about KIVA loans to Hussein: Hussein and Ricardo: Ricardo

Today, I am making a KIVA loan to Kareem, a 22-year-old photographer in Palestine.

If you are reading this, there is a good chance that we are either personal friends, or you have an interest in photography. I am not asking you to support a charity. No, I am simply asking you to learn a little about KIVA — a microlending organization, to see if it might be something that you could advocate for.

Certainly, there are many deserving people, who are not photographers, benefitting from KIVA. In fact, my first KIVA loan was to a farmer in Azerbaijan, who used the money to buy two calves. We live in a crazy world.

As I write this (Easter Sunday, 2016), news has just broken about an apparent suicide bomb explosion, near children’s rides, in a park in Pakistan, as Christians were celebrating Easter. Regardless of your religious beliefs, this is a cowardly act. Making a loan to someone if not bravery, but a simple gesture to say that we are all in this life, together, and each of us deserves the love and respect of our co-inhabitants of this earth. I did not start out to address political or religious issues, but now I am simply asking you, if you believe in the dignity of your fellow humans, to consider joining me in helping others through KIVA.

Thank you.

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