Johna is to Use Crowdfunding for a New Album

Johna in Calico, California

Johna in Calico, California

If you follow my blog, you are probably aware that I am in Southern California, but I have had the honor, on several occasions, to do some of the photography, and even a little videography, for the German band, Johna. This morning, March 1, 2015, I can share that Johna is to Use Crowdfunding for a New Album. Independent artists carry the burden of financing much of their touring, recording, and marketing of their work. They have no big record companies behind them, so they are reliant on their own efforts and the help of friends and fans to continue to produce new music.

Please, if you value the contributions of creative people, and just enjoy beautiful music, check out Johna’s fundraising page, and if your are so moved, help make the new album a reality.

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