Images from 10 Years Ago

This has nothing to do with Street Photography. I was archiving some old files and came across these images of women. None are recent work. In fact all are from, at least, ten years ago. Some were even shot on 35mm film, but most were captured on Nikon DSLRs (D100, D70s, and D700). Most are G or PG, but some are R rated. If the sight of the female body offends you, please don’t follow the link to the attached gallery on my SmugMug site.

No shooting data is provided in this article, but, if you click on the small info (i) icon, at the bottom-right of most images, in the gallery, you will find the camera model, focal length, and shutter speed. If there is no EXIF data shown, the image was captured on film and scanned.

Click on the photo to go to the gallery.


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