I Have Nothing To Shoot

Yesterday and today, I heard the same statement from two different photographers. The weren’t pros, complaining that they had no jobs. They were people who had spent some serious cash on nice cameras, then didn’t think they had anything to do with them.

My simple response is, just open your eyes — and your mind — and LOOK.


There is ALWAYS something to shoot. Potential photographs are all around us. They might not all be awarding winning images, but there are many opportunities to practice your craft. Do you want to shoot sports? Go to a busy street and practice panning, as cars go zooming past. Do you want to practice hand-held, in low light? Go inside, lower your ISO and see how slow you can hand-hold.

This is a place where you can always find someone to photograph: Starbucks.


Let’s go inside.



Shutter Speed at a 1/4 sec?

Shutter Speed at a 1/4 sec?

And one I’ve shown, before. In fact, it hangs on my office wall.

Through a Dirty Window

Through a Dirty Window

Images exist, all around us — but we have to LOOK.

These images were captured with an Olympus OMD-EM5, with a 12-40mm Zuiko f2.8 Pro lens.

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It’s true, you can always find something to take a photo of. I always find something practically every day to shoot. Even if its a flower.