Going on the Road — Who Wants to Meet?

As you can see, my sabbatical from Facebook is over, to some degree. I am back for a few specific reasons. First, it is the most effective way to keep up with my grandchildren. I just spent nearly three weeks with four of them, and both my daughter – Elizabeth Robison-Sostizzo – and daughter-in-law – Nattnoi Vattuone, are frequent posters on FB. Only Paul Robison and Jorge (who doesn’t even have an account, shun FB.

Secondly, FB seems to be a good way to keep in touch while travelling. That brings be to the point of this post. In mid-September, I will be embarking on a two-month (approximately) backpacking trip, mostly through Southern Europe. I have no itinerary worked out, as yet. My area of interest is, primarily, between Lisbon and Istanbul. in no particular order.

I am looking for traveling, dinner, coffee companions, along the way (even if I don’t know what the way is, right now). While I am capable of finding Big Ben, or the Eiffel Tower, on my own — wait, neither are in Southern Europe — so i may actually need help 🙂 I am interested in seeing those things that the guidebook might not mention, but that locals know about — the small museums, the view from a hilltop, the great people watching cafe, etc.

I will shoot alongside of you, or make your portrait, or just enjoy conversation (but don’t ask me to explain the American electoral system). If you are a model, painter, sculptor, musician, I will be happy, and honored to photograph you, or your work.

As this is a backpacking adventure, I will be staying in hostels, and some AirBnB rentals, or maybe even sleeping on your couches, if offered.

For the photographers, I am limiting myself to a newly acquired Olympus OMD-10 Mark 2, a few small lenses, the 12-40mm pro, and my favorite, the 9mm Bodycap Lens.

Everything I need, I intend to carry in one 45L backpack, so doing laundry will be a frequent chore.

I have always want to visit Portugal and Spain, and the Balkans. I was fortunate enough to live in Turkey, in the early 1970s, so I would love to return. I have visited Italy, twice, but missed Milan and Venice.

So there you have it — a rather unformed plan that needs to take shape, at least as to the first destination, so I can tell the pilot where to land 🙂 I expect to leave Los Angeles in mid-September, and be one the road about two months. If there is a train or bus stop, near you, and you want to get together, I’ll buy the first coffee or beer or vino. Send me a PM, so I can put pins on my map. Hasta la vista!

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So Rick, I’ll take pictures of any 40 year olds who look like you!!! 🙂

Rick Rubis

Paul, That sounds great. I hope you have a wonderful adventure and see the places you most want to visit plus meet some interesting prople along the way. Safe journey. Rick
PS I spent 2 1/2 years in Germany while in the army and visited over 20 countries while I was there. I even did some hitchhiking through the scandanavian countries.