This is Day #3 of The New Five Day Black & White Photo Challenge. I’ve been nominated, once again, by Luis Vasconcelos, of Lisbon, Portugal for the 5 Day Black & White Photo Challenge. This time, the challenge is a to recognize fellow photographer Chris Brunkhart‘s stage 4 cancer diagnosis. In keeping with his tradition of shooting in black and white, the participating photographers will do the same. One original black and white image and one nomination per day, for five days. Anyone can visit the above link to donate to the Chris Brunkhart Cancer Fund.

I nominate Robert Castro to take this five-day challenge. Robert, should you decide to take it please post one black and white photograph each day for five days and invite another person on each of those days to also participate. It is OK to take the challenge, or nominate someone more than once.:)

Here goes my photo for day #3. This is a woman, sitting at a restaurant table, doing what it seems everyone now does: Texting. It is titled US Foods, not because of the Heinz and Coke. Look further and you will see.

US Foods

US Foods

Olympus OMD-EM5, M. Zuiko 17mm/2.8 @f9, ISO 6400, 1/640. While I was on a sunny sidewalk, the subject was behind a window, in a dark room. The f9 was to insure sufficient depth of field to capture the two girls standing behind her, and the high ISO was because of the dark interior. Hmmm … either that, or I forgot to change it when I walked outside. 🙂

Day #1 & Day #2

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