Childhood Cancer Awareness

Hines Rotriga

Hines Rotriga

This is a blog about photography, so I’m going to show you some pictures. I didn’t take any of them. Some will make you cry, and some will make you smile. They were assembled into a video by Ken Klink. Most were taken by parents who wish they never saw their child go through this. This is the story of Hines Rotriga. Hines was diagnosed with stage IV neuroblastoma on December 26, 2013, when he was only two years old. He is the son of Kevin and Debbie Rotriga of Wheeling, West Virginia, USA. For me, and for the Rotriga family and their friends, Hines is the face of Childhood Cancer Awareness.

I don’t have any specific goal for this post, except to remind you to hold your own children near, and maybe find a place for Hines, and other little warriors, in your heart, your thoughts, your prayers! I don’t know Hines, but I love him!

You can follow Hines and his story, here:

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