Calico Ghost Town with Johna (German Band) by Brittney Barela

A couple of posts ago, I introduced you to a new photographer, Brittney Barela. A couple of years ago, I introduced you to Johna, a pop band from Germany. I photographed them as they played some dates in Los Angeles, including the Whiskey-a-go-go.

Brittney Barela

Brittney Barela

Johna is in LA, again, and last Sunday, I took them, and Brittney, to the Calico Ghost Town, to play tourists and do some shooting. While I had Brittney use a small micro four-thirds camera for LA street shooting, this time, I gave her a Nikon D70s. The D70s is a 10-year old design, but still an excellent camera — especially in the desert, at 105 degrees (F), with the bright sun that you might expect in those conditions. The D70s has a 1.5 crop factor, so, when equipped with a 50mm lens, it is, effectively, a 75mm equivalent. Since she would be shooting, primarily, two subjects, I asked Brittney to use aperture priority, shoot as wide as she could when trying to make the subjects stand out from the background, or have one in focus and the other out of focus, and to shoot about f11 or f16 when she wanted a lot of depth of field.

By the way, the subjects were keyboard player and musical director, Kolja Pfeiffer, and singer/songwriter/guitar player, Nadine Krämer.

The following images were captured by Brittney and I made some adjustments in Lightroom.

Click on thumbnails to view photos.

Johna in Calico, California

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