A New Loan to Ricardo Antonio, a Photographer in El Salvador

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I just made a new loan to Ricardo Antonio, a photographer in El Salvador. It was a $25 loan. This is my 26th Kiva loan, since 2009, to borrowers from Azerbaijan to Mongolia, and Palestine. Most are to help photographers expand their business, but I’ve also helped buy cattle and dry goods. Obviously, there is a risk of loss, when making these loans, and in five years, I have lost three cents! — and that was due to a fluctuation in the currency exchange rate over the repayment period. The risk is mitigated by pooling my funds with other lenders from around the globe. The total loan to Ricardo was $1,500 for a 26 month term.

Ricardo Antonio - Kiva

Ricardo Antonio

Ricardo is a man who worries a lot about continuing to work in order to give his family what is necessary to live. He is married. He lives with his life companion and their three children, of whom one is studying at the university and the others are in high school. He has his own photo studio. He learned this trade as an assistant, then with great effort he became independent as a photographer, and little by little he managed to establish his business. He has already had his business for 15 years.

He will buy photographic paper, film, tapes, frames, etc. He will have everything necessary to continue working. He will complete the pending work of photographs and films. He hopes to increase the popularity of his business and to have greater income to meet all his obligations. His vision is to improve his economic situation to enlarge his house, modernize his working equipment, and continue supporting his children in their education.

Translated from Spanish by Kiva Volunteer Pam McMurry

Ricardo, es un hombre que se preocupa mucho por mantenerse trabajando para dar a su familia lo necesario para subsistir, es acompañado, vive con su compañera de vida y tres hijos, de los cuales uno está estudiando nivel superior y los demás educación media; posee un foto estudio, aprendió el oficio como ayudante, luego se independizo como fotógrafo con grandes esfuerzos y poco a poco logro establecerlo, ya tiene 15 años de contar con su negocio.

Comprará papel fotográfico, rollos, cintas, cuadros, etc., contara con todo lo necesario para seguir trabajando, cumplirá con los trabajos pendientes de fotografías y filmaciones, espera aumentar la popularidad de su negocio, tener mayores ingresos para cumplir con todas sus obligaciones.

Su visión mejorar su situación económica para ampliar su hogar, modernizar su equipo de trabajo y seguir apoyando a sus hijos en la educación

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