A Continuing Battle With My Wife

OK, not so much A Continuing Battle With My Wife as a difference in points of view. You see, Carmen is very neat, and organized. So am I, in a slightly different manner. You see, I believe in horizontal filing: If there is a level space, I put something there. She leans more toward filing cabinets, and the trash can.

Years ago, I had an advertising agency – actually, it was more of a marketing communications company, but I’ll spare you the differences. Anyway, the building had three private offices, a reception area, a work room (fax, copiers, storage, etc.) a conference room, and a camera room. When I moved the business into my home (we had a four bedroom house and only one child left at home, I had to downsize. Fifteen years later (2004), when we moved from that house to a two bedroom apartment, near the beach, Carmen rented a dumpster, and filled it six times. She was relentless, throwing away my 1960s era college textbooks, and other valuables that had been stored in boxes, unopened in the garage, for dozens of years. Who knows what other valuables, as yet not missed, she got rid of?

As you can imagine, I had to squeeze into a spare bedroom, that was converted into my office. We have a fold-out sofa in the living room. When I suggested that I would have more office space if we converted our bedroom into an extension of my office, and treated the remaining space as a studio apartment, she drew the line. She stopped just short of locking me in my office, or out on the porch. In fact, she even suggested a list of friends that I might move in with.

With regard to my one-room-converted-bedroom office, she refuses to even enter it. That means that dusting and running the vacuum cleaner are my responsibility. Remember the horizontal filing system? Not much room for a Hoover!

Last week, I convinced her to consult with me on space planning. She made several drastic suggestions. First, remove one of the two desks. What????? My two desks were an Ikea triumph. They were an integral part of my system.

Today, there is one desk. In the process of rearranging, I discovered several boxes of CDs and DVDs, and am now copying all those files to hard drives. I looking at those files, I am struck that the quality of the files from my old Nikon D100 stands very well to those made by all the newer equipment that I bought, in the past dozen years. Either that, or I just haven’t improved much as a photographer!!! 🙂 I’ll show some of those is another post.

First, a tour of the ‘new’ clean office. For those of you who care: Olympus OMD EM5 with 9mm Body Cap Lens, fixed at f8. On the wall, over the monitor: Two B&W ‘street’ photos, 16×20. made with the OMD EM5. Also on the wall, some wood carving collected when I lived in Senegal. On the chair, beneath the lamp, in the corner: A stack of prints made when I lived in Turkey. These has been in storage in my ex-wife’s basement, since the 1970s and rediscovered when I clean the office!! Also on the wall, in the corner, left of the monitor, a 2015 calendar of photographs by my friend, Matt Saville, the American photographer, not the Australian director.

On the wall to the side of the desk: A couple of advertising pieces, a photo of my friend, Genaro “Chicanito” Hernandez, former WBA Junior Lightweight champion, a man whom I respected and loved, A Pittsburgh Steelers palques with photos of Bradshaw, Lambert, and Franco. Below that, a plaques naming my ad agency as the winner of the Aurora Gold Award for Excellence in Film and Video. The last two plaques are from the City of Los Angeles, and the California Legislature. The former is for help with the city’s Latino Heritage Festival, and the latter is in recognition of receiving the Estrella Award, for the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, as Small Business of the Year.

Oh, and if anyone has seriously read all of this, on the desk is a stapler and tape dispenser. 🙂

Clean Office

Clean Office

Clean Office

Clean Office

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