5 Advanced Creative Photography Techniques

This article suggests 5 Advanced Creative Photography Techniques.   All photographers reach a point when they feel they’ve run out of ideas. Many feel the solution is to buy new equipment, and hope that this will give them a creative boost. Creative inspiration can come from many sources, and experimenting with new techniques is a fantastic way to find new approaches to taking pictures.

Accomplished photographers will understand the basics of their art, and the tools and techniques available to them. Once you grasp controls like shutter speed and aperture there are still hundreds of new techniques to master. Experiment with the following ideas, and you will soon see a new creative edge in your pictures.

1) Selective focussing.

Images with a very narrow depth of field can have a three-dimensional look. There are several ways to achieve this, using a combination of wide apertures and lenses with longer focal lengths. For a unique look, focus on an unexpected element of a scene. For example, take a portrait with the subject’s hands as the main focus point. Experimenting with selective focus can lead to some incredibly original and creative pictures.

2) Experiment with unusual angles.

We tend to view the world from eye level, and when we break this convention it can lead to really exciting pictures. Even the most familiar things around us can look completely different when viewed from an unfamiliar angle. Pointing your camera upwards at buildings and trees can create new and exciting shots. Using a wide-angle lens to exaggerate the view adds to the impact of these shots. Shooting from higher vantage points also opens up a different world for the photographer.

3) Experiment with long exposures.

Most photographers concentrate on freezing motion and using fast shutter speeds, but using long exposures is a fantastic way to create different styles of picture. Exposures of one or two seconds will capture the movement of water, clouds or trees blowing in the wind. A tripod is normally needed for this type of shot to ensure the rest of the scene isn’t blurred by camera shake. However, the multi-axis stabilization in bodies like the Olympus OMD series can add several stops of stability to hand-held shots, for most photographers. Using long exposures you can capture light trails at night and the motion of stars in the night sky.

4) Shoot some abstracts.

If you want to really push your creative boundaries, try shooting some abstract pictures. The beauty of this style of picture is that it can be done anywhere. Shadows, textures and close-ups are all great for abstract shots. Setting out to take some abstract pictures forces you to look at the world in a different way, and this will improve your photography of a range of subjects. Look for strong shapes, bold colors and ways to shoot everyday objects that will make them look completely different. A good abstract can be a very powerful image, and express thoughts and ideas in a unique way.

5) Experiment with infrared images.

Infrared images have a surreal look which surprises and challenges the viewer’s perception. An everyday place can look like an alien environment when shot in infrared. Blue skies appear dark and grass and foliage are bright white in infrared pictures. You don’t need a special camera for this style of photography, and filters are available to fit most lenses.  However, if you have an older camera that isn’t getting any use, you can have it converted to IR only.  It’s a great way to add new life to an old friend. Of course, you can do this to a new body, as well, if IR is part of your normal shooting style.

These five techniques should give you the inspiration to create some amazing new pictures.

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