17mm M. Zuiko on a Walk through Downtown Huntington Beach

On Sunday, I took my 17mm M. Zuiko, f2.8 on a Walk through Downtown Huntington Beach. OK, I also took my wife and that bring me to the first issue. I took this picture at the beginning of the Huntington Beach Pier. I know, the weather, at the end of December, in Southern California, suck! 🙂 Back to my wife: she has been a big critical of me, regarding this photo. No, it’s not the subject matter. She knows that I’ll be 70 year old, next summer, so she isn’t worried about be chasing after young girls in bikinis. She know I can’t catch then, anyway. What bothers her about this photo is the amount of post processing.

First, this is the original. It is straight out of my OMD-EM5, shot at ISO 200, f7.1 and 1/1000. The camera was set to shutter priority and the capture made in RAW. No post processing was done, other than to convert it to jpeg, and reduce the size for posting on my blog.

HB in December - Original

HB in December – Original

I should warn you, I am retired. No one is paying me to make images, so I don’t much give a crap what other’s think about my photos, so long as I enjoy them – the process as well as the results. Certainly, I do respect the opinions of others, and I love my wife, but I’m just as happy if you like my photos, or if you don’t. Making them gives me something to do. Looking at them, and forming an opinion, gives you something to do. It’s a good exchange. 🙂

You notice a few obvious changes to the image. First, I re-cropped it, from 16:9 to 4×5. Next, I took a slightly pale blue sky and added some saturation. I did the same to the pavement. Finally, I added simulated HDR filter, and a little more contrast. Carmen thinks I over did it. She may be right, but I don’t care, because I like it. She understands that we can have different opinions, and I won’t be given any additional household chores because of it!


The next image, The Pizza Oven, was shot through glass, so you can see the reflection on my camera and fingers.

The Pizza Oven

The Pizza Oven

Olympus makes a more expensive 17mm, f1.8 and there are many reasons why one might spend the extra money. Most of those reasons have to do with how the photographer intends to use the lens. Often, those reasons seem important, on paper, but never materialize during actual shooting. For me, needing an unobtrusive, medium wide-angle, for daytime or flash shooting, this model was the best answer. That is not to say that f2.8 is slow. It is not. In fact, when used on a camera like the OMD-EM5 with in-body 5-axis stabilization, there are very few times when the increased speed of f1.8 is truly necessary.

There are other examples from the f2.8 lens, here: http://www.streetphotosgallery.com/a-little-street-photography-in-downtown-huntington-beach/

and here: http://www.streetphotosgallery.com/m-zuiko-17mm-as-a-portrait-lens/

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